CPG Branding for the Big Cheese

Feb 19, 2021 | Branding

We’ve been working with Caputo Brothers Creamery for a while now, so when the cheesemakers developed an innovative process for turning their cheese curd into delicious Italian cheeses in just minutes, they needed a boss of a name and an attention-grabbing brand for wholesale and retail that matched the cheese revolution it was about to embark upon.

Our team got to work. We knew the Caputo story in and out having worked with them on several other projects, so we let their passion for authentic Italian flavor take the lead and combined it with bold ideas and creative. The result was the presentation of a short list of product names that we fully vetted with in-depth research.

CapoMozz™ was our pitch. We felt this name captured the Caputo brand, while subtly referencing their name and reinforcing a position of innovation and freshness. Our creative team worked on a package design that met the needs of retail and wholesale customers, and would breakthrough all the noise on the cheese display.

This product was ready to hit the market. Caputo Brothers had been sitting on this innovation for a while and were now ready to launch, so we had to create something to support their team, and quickly, for the big upcoming food show.

For CapoMozz’s reveal at the Vegas Food Show, the Caputo Brothers crew needed ease of set-up without sacrificing high exposure visuals. We delivered exactly what the Big Cheese ordered.

With the new product rollout, we provided support materials including easy to explain and understand product directions.

The results were happy cheesemakers and a successful introduction of CapoMozz to the market. Pick up CapoMozz online or in retail.