Best Ways for Law Firms to Engage and Attract Clients

Sep 25, 2018 | Digital

As the saying goes, ‘the rules of engagement have changed.’

Previous methods of reaching out to potential legal clients just don’t work anymore. Clients aren’t looking in the Yellow Pages or relying solely on billboards to find a good attorney.

You have to go to where they are … and more and more, they’re online.

Here, we’ll share some strategies on how to find those who want and need legal expertise, and make your law firm the one they want to engage with.

Think Digital (yes, this includes social media)

While some law firms may have shied away from wading into the world of social media, it’s fast becoming one of the best ways of engaging with potential clients and customers.

Unlike in years past, where Facebook and Twitter may have been primarily utilized by younger generations, all generations are using or beginning to use social media increasingly more in their everyday lives.

Social media platforms are a great way to share news and updates on your law firm, include profiles on individual lawyers, share blogs and information about a particular legal issue/concern, or discuss a new, developing practice area within your firm.

Another great way to spur engagement and interest in your firm is through producing videos, live webinars or Facebook live sessions. During videos, you can address questions on a particular legal topic, especially if it’s a topic or concern that your law firm receives several inquiries about, or if you’d like to address a legal issue that’s been covered extensively in the media.

Digital “word-of-mouth” marketing can also be a valuable tactic to drive more engagement and make your practice a go-to resource. Encourage reviews on social media, through Google, and online directories.

Creating blogs on a variety of topics in the legal field are vital to connect (and keep connecting) people to your website. Combined with content that includes search engine optimization, it can keep you at the top of any Google search results and be shared across your law firm’s social media pages.

Spotlight Your Team’s Knowledge

Showcase your firm’s knowledge by being featured as a valued legal expert in industry publications and in media coverage. Both are good ways to showcase your knowledge and expertise, especially for a newsworthy or topical issue, whether it be local, regional or national.

Regular e-newsletters can help to keep you top of mind to your existing clients/partners and provide updates on current topics, legislation, new practice areas, and attorneys.

Goodwill Marketing

Giving back to your community can help foster relationships and further connect you with current and potential clients. Examples of goodwill marketing can include:

  • Participation in community events
  • Volunteering for a particular cause/event/benefit (such as a local food bank, race to raise funds to help a particular cause, etc.)
  • Participating on boards (arts/community/nonprofits)
  • Sponsorships at local youth and sports events (including local high school sports teams, music and art programs, etc.)

Want to find out more about how to attract clients, build relationships and easily engage with potential legal clients? Contact us and let us help you amplify your law firm’s voice.