Go Behind the Scenes with Our Susquehanna Style Star

May 8, 2012 | Agency Updates

Have you seen the May-June edition of Susquehanna Style Magazine? The issue spotlights our own Danielle Olson in a special Mother’s Day editorial.  Danielle, the creative hand behind Gavin graphic design, participated alongside her daughter, Charlee, in a “Fashionable Tea Party” themed photo-shoot.  Adding to her star status, she was also interviewed about her other full-time job: being a mother of two.

In proper celebrity treatment, Danielle and Charlee were treated to topnotch primping on the day of the photo-shoot at Luxe Salon in Lancaster. How did Charlee feel about all the special attention?

“I was sure she’d get upset going back without me, but she walked right back and hopped up in the chair for her fabulous blue manicure,” said Danielle. “I can’t even get her to sit still to brush her hair most days and she sat there perfectly still for all three coats on all 10 nails; it was crazy.”

With their mini makeovers complete, mother and daughter were escorted to the studio where they worked with professional stylist, Hilary Arthur, and photographer, Donovan Roberts Witmer, to prep for the shoot. Flair Fashions, the amazing downtown York boutique that is located extremely close to the Gavin think tank (too close for our bank accounts’ comfort!), provided the amazing clothes for Danielle to wear.

“If I had Hilary to dress me every morning, I would look a lot cuter at the office than I do most days,” laughed Danielle.

Our star’s Mother’s Day plans include taking some time to relax with her husband Dave and two children Grady and Charlee. She is hoping to “maybe do a little fishing down at the pond.”

Don’t miss this great edition of Susquehanna Style. But please no paparazzi at the Gavin office; our star is hard at work.