Are You Reaching Your Target Audience Through Their Search?

Oct 29, 2019 | B2B, Digital, Web Services

Effectively Leverage SEO to Expand Your Brand

Want your company at the top of the search results on Google? Ranking higher on Google can drive increased traffic to your webpage. This can translate to greater market share and help boost your company’s bottom line.

Here are some steps your marketing team can take to secure a top position.

Monitor Optimal Site Speed

Every second counts online. No one likes to wait around for a website to load. The optimal site speed should be under three seconds. Anything beyond three seconds will result in higher bounce rates, which means users are coming to your page and leaving right away.

If a website takes three seconds to load, the bounce rate could be as high as 40%, costing your company potential customers. Make sure your team is optimizing site speed to keep people on your page.

Voice Search is Here

Keyword research plays an important role in your company’s SEO strategy. This research is the process of finding search terms that individuals are searching for on search engines such as Google. You can then add the keywords throughout your ads and site for SEO.

Now, there’s also a new kid on the block – voice search. Today, 31% of people are using voice search at least once a week. This means that your marketing team needs to use keywords related to voice search in your keywords. This could result in higher website traffic for your company and, ultimately, more sales opportunities.

Currently, Google machine learning is at a whopping 95% accuracy. With accuracy getting closer to 100% we can only expect more people to adopt voice search technology. It is always better to get on the train now than later.

Say So-Long to the “Click Here’s”

Try writing out the name of the destination instead of the typical “click here.” There is no search engine value beyond the attached URL. You need to replace the “click here’s” with more descriptive keyword text, such as “Colorado State Entrepreneurship Program.” Replacing the “click here’s” will result in a higher search engine ranking.

Adding descriptive buttons with keywords may also lead to a higher click through rate (CTR). Linking descriptive keywords will help with your site’s SEO performance.

Clear Linking Structure is Key

The paths between the pages are referred to as the site’s linking structure. When the pages are strategically linked, they can boost the SEO immensely. Correct internally linking has led to companies seeing a 40% uptick in organic traffic and it helps Google navigate your website in a more efficient way, which will boost the SEO of the page.

Bonus: The Emojis are Taking Over

Ever since emojis were introduced in 1999 they have been spreading like an unstoppable virus. They have been taking over everything in sight and now they have their eyes on a new target – Google.

The verdict is in and now Google will show emojis in search results. So next time you are looking for a yummy slice of pizza from that local pizza shop, just try searching “? near me.”

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