Ads We Like: “Sweat It to Get It”

Oct 1, 2020 | Digital

Gatorade took a leap of faith with their recent ad campaign, “Sweat it to get it.” Starring NFL players Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, the commercials feature candid footage of customers trying to purchase a Gatorade product in a convenience store. Not sweating? No Gatorade for you — and if you ask to see a manager, Newton or Manning will be glad to set you straight.

With NFL’s season kicking off Thursday, it’s fitting for Gatorade to use Newton and Manning as celebrity endorsements. But we also applaud Gatorade for owning their brand — even through the denial of their own product. The ads use humor as a nod to their customer base: athletes and non-athletes alike. Kudos to Gatorade for their relevancy and true understanding of their audience. A campaign like this is risky, but seeing the positive response from the public is exciting and refreshing. It seems their ad agency “gets it” — no sweat required.