Ads We Like: Nikon I Am Generation Image: Kordale & Kaleb

Jan 16, 2015 | Digital

When it comes to branding, the voice of the consumer is a leading factor in developing the strategy. That’s why we’re loving this new Nikon commercial, “Nikon I Am Generation Image: Kordale & Kaleb,” based on a photo of a young family that went viral in 2014.

Remaining authentic to your brand message can be difficult with all the noise in various media and channels, and oftentimes brands fail to successfully make their consumers part of the story in an authentic way. Nikon nailed it, and without losing control of their brand voice in the process.

The voice of the customer is front and center as media continues to influence how marketers tell their complete brand story without giving up their own brand persona.

Nikon I Am Generation Image: Kordale & Kaleb from Paul La Calandra on Vimeo.