How Pivoting During COVID Fostered Lasting Community Changes (with Philip Given)

Local government officials are often the first line of communications for the community when a public health crisis unfolds. On this episode of The Adlibber, we discuss life with COVID nearly a year into the pandemic. How are cities like York, Pennsylvania, continuing to pivot their operations and how are changes being communicated to constituents? Philip Given, Chief of Staff to Mayor Michael Helfrich, offers local perspective on current and future trends.

Featured in this episode

Philip Given

Chief of Staff, York Mayor Michael Helfrich

Philip Given has served as Chief of Staff for the City of York since 2018. In his role as Chief of Staff, he manages internal and external communication for the city and serves as liaison to elected officials, organizations and the media for the administration. Philip is a native of Georgia and, in addition to his role for the city, is an owner of York City Pretzel Company, a commercial bakery in York. Philip is passionate about customer service, process improvement and creating more transparent and accessible governments and businesses. He lives in Downtown York with his wife, kids, and 160-pound Great Dane, Brutus.

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