Freshly Squeezed: Communicating a New Subscription Model (with Leon Kinnard)

The subscription economy is projected to double in size in less than five years. Consumers want convenience and to pay only for what they use. More brands are pivoting business models to sell their products directly to consumers. On this episode of The Adlibber, we focus on how Maryland-based Revive, a cold-pressed juice company, is evolving its labor-intensive business into a subscription-based process and how the pandemic may have ushered in a new era of consumer expectations.

Featured in this episode

Leon Kinnard

Leon Kinnard

Owner at Revive

Leon Kinnard launched Maryland-based Revive, a cold-pressed juice company, in 2017. Revive began as a true aquaponics and micro-greens operation before expanding to create a selection of health-infused juices that reset the body toward optimum living.

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