Cookies, COVID and Communicating with Today’s Girl Scouts (with Janet Donovan)

The cookie didn’t crumble during COVID. Young female entrepreneurs adapted and embraced the virtual world. On this episode of The Adlibber, we discuss with CEO Janet Donovan how the Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania have modernized cookie sales during the pandemic and the growing role of digital marketing research and communications tools in Girl Scout programming changes and new opportunities to empower women.

Featured in this episode

Jay Scott

Janet Donovan

CEO, Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania

Janet Donovan is CEO of the Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania, a Harrisburg-based regional Girl Scout council serving 30 counties in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania. Donovan, a retired U.S. Navy Two Star Rear Admiral and former Deputy Commander in the Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) of the Navy, was appointed to the role in 2019.

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