Building Brand and Culture in the Trades with Effective Communications (with Bob Whalen)

The growing demand in the trades is no secret and has forced companies to act quickly as they expand. Bob Whalen has been faced with this task as HB Global continues its expansion throughout the United States. In this episode, we talk with Bob about branding and internal communications, recruitment and HB Global’s transition and evolution as an ESOP. Note: This episode was recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featured in this episode

Bob Whalen

Bob Whalen

President – HB McClure

Bob Whalen became president of HB McClure in 2008. The company transitioned to 100% ESOP in 2010. Since 2011, the company has made 19 acquisitions. HB Global LLC was created in 2017 to better support HB McClure and IT Landes as separate operating divisions. HB Global is now the parent company of five operating divisions in the U.S.

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