5 Ways to Make Your Landing Page Take Off

Apr 6, 2018 | B2B, Branding, Digital, Web Services

For your marketing campaign, here are five ways you can craft your landing page to convert.

1. Define your audience

If you are targeting a certain industry, drill down to who in that industry will be most likely to look for and find your landing page. Demographic information such as age, education, location and income level are key elements to defining your audience. Get as specific as possible. You can even create a mock profile of your ideal audience to use in your design, copywriting and ad setup.

2. Determine your strategy…and test it

The saying “all roads lead to Rome” comes to play for landing page strategies. Is your goal to get email signups, downloads or direct leads? Defining your exact end goal will help you lay out the steps to get there. Often, downloadable pieces are the first steps in the process of turning a lead into a conversion. Every part of the page should drive the user to the end goal.

Though you may have a good strategy, that’s not quite enough to ensure success.

Tracking the page’s performance and adjusting it accordingly is the key to making your campaign effective. If your current audience isn’t responding, use retargeting to reach those who might be more likely to find it.

3. Lead people down the funnel

Use a free downloadable piece of content to get a person’s contact information and then follow up with them consistently and politely.

One of our preferred methods of following-up with a lead is automation, as it makes the process seamless and consistent.

4. Design like your campaign depends on it

Because it does. Basic principles of landing page design include:

Defining a clear call to action (CTA), above the fold, and potentially even following the user as they scroll down the page. Up to 9% of users will stay on your page if you offer them relevant content just before they exit.

Development of engaging, succinct copy that explains why the user should take the CTA action (be it downloading a white paper, giving you their email address, etc.).

Make mobile design a priority. Mobile consumption, which indicates use of a phone, tablet or e-reader instead of a desktop computer, is currently at 70% and counting. If your landing page doesn’t lead users through the funnel on mobile equally as it does on desktop, you’ll likely lose the majority of your audience.

5. Have good speed

As little as a one-second delay can reduce conversions by 7%. Test the speed on multiple devices, browsers and Wi-Fi .

These are just a few tips about how to make your marketing campaign’s landing page a success. Interested in discussing landing page strategy and development? Let’s talk.