4 Reasons Your Business Needs a PR Strategy Right Now

Jul 2, 2018 | Public Relations

Publicity is a valuable currency that every business should be trying to earn.

If you aren’t investing in a public relations (PR) strategy, your brand is missing out on a great deal of exposure, relationship-building and ultimately, increased returns. Take a moment to understand the reasons why your business needs a strategic PR plan in place.

Tell your own story before someone else does it for you

Every company has a unique story that depicts how they came about, adversities they overcame and what makes them different from the competition. Sharing your story authentically and honestly allows people to resonate with your brand.

However, without a PR plan in place, you’re opening the door for someone else to do the talking for you. A good PR strategy will help secure media coverage in the right publications where your targets are and tell the story of your company in a way that will impact clients/consumers/customers – choose one. A smart PR agency will develop internal and external messaging for your brand that can be used in both PR and digital marketing efforts.

Establish brand recognition

Brands grow by increasing brand recognition and awareness. Is your company’s branding clear, concise and properly-defined to the public? If not, a solid PR plan can get you there. The more buzz that circulates around your brand, the more people will become familiar with your organization, its products, services, and values.

A strong PR strategy will create buzz by ensuring messaging is relevant to your target audiences. Skilled PR professionals know how to use this messaging to leverage media opportunities and secure high-quality media exposure for your brand.

Recruit top-tier talent

Many business owners would agree that the most valuable asset to an organization is not the service or product that is sold, but the people who work there. Recruiting top-tier talent is what ultimately allows you to deliver the best results possible to your clients.

So, how can PR help companies improve their employee portfolio? As a company elevates its visibility and stirs conversation in the industry, individuals in the job market will listen. The more activity you have in both digital and traditional media platforms, including print and broadcast news outlets, Facebook and LinkedIn, the more likely you are to pique the interest of high-caliber employees who resonate with your brand and want to help it grow.

Bounce back after a crisis

Nobody plans to have a crisis, mistake, or controversy involving their business.

Unfortunately, in today’s always-on world, it’s likely to happen, and when it does, a crisis can evolve at break-neck speeds. Having a strong PR team and plan in place, can enable an organization to be proactive, rather than reactive.

By developing a crisis action protocol before issues occur, your company will be equipped with the tools and support to address the issue immediately. Your public image is fragile; don’t wait until a crisis strikes to begin protecting it.

If you interact with the public in any way (and all companies do), then you need to have a PR strategy in place that will represent your brand in its best light at all times.

Need help kickstarting your PR strategy? We’ve got you covered.